Born in Bharat’ is an online initiative in preparation for the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence. It aims to facilitate every Indian to actively participate in Nation building. The approach is to Empower Individuals to build an Empowered Nation.

“We believe that a Nation’s prosperity is the collective prosperity of its people. The objective is to induce aspects of Pride, Growth, and Vision to the people of Bharat.”

Seshu Karthick, the ideator of this initiative

A single idea of bringing people together for the Nation evolved into a broader holistic campaign considering the past, present, and future. It is essential for the people to take pride in yesterday’s glory. It is with this pride, comes belongingness and willingness to preserve the Nation’s ethos. Every Indian becomes one when emotions take control, and pride is one such enchant. ‘Born in Bharat’ is a modest attempt at keeping the flame alive.

It is not enough to revel in the past, but dealing with today’s state of affairs matters the most. It is in fact the need of the hour to drive growth for today’s progress. ‘Born in Bharat’ aims to provide technology and digital mediums to bring in collaborative growth avenues for people in various verticals and age groups. The game plan for growth includes personal growth, professional/business growth, and the Nation’s GDP growth.

Finally looking ahead in time, we together can create a vision for tomorrow’s Nation. Bharat has a rich culture, heritage, and ethos that needs to be preserved and passed on to the next generation. The launch of ‘Born in Bharat’ campaign on September 14, 2020 starts with avenues for creating the vision.

The Company

‘Born in Bharat’ is an initiative of Dimensions Co.

Started in the year 2011, we at Dimensions Co work extensively with technology, coach students and deliver accolades to those who drive the Nation forward.