Future of Learning and Education

In the coming decades, we anticipate a transformation from labor-intensive work to knowledge-intensive work. The future of jobs is a self-directed, lifelong learning process that will involve continuous education and training. All the aspects of the traditional education model will exist in the future, but there will be more innovation Read more…

Organ Donation

How do we encourage people to sign up for organ donation? One can signup for organ donation to legally allow their organs to be donated after their demise. How do we encourage people to sign-up for this organ donation drive?

The Launch

Yesterday (Sep 14, 2020), we officially launched the campaign for Born in Bharat – Do your bit! Thank you Twitterati for embracing the initiative and spreading the word. The next 48 days are going to be very exciting as the support across the Nation is starting to pour in. The Read more…

Increase Employment Ratio

How can we increase the Employment of differently-abled people? Infrastructure needs to get better in our country. Improving infrastructure involves lots of effort, time and money. In the mean time, how employment ratio can be increased for differently-abled people with the available infrastructure?