Are you Born in Bharat?

Join the common thread called “Nation-building”. You can be part of it and play your role.

To get the journey started, let us together choose the Give-First approach… followed by Growth-Next activities.

Join & Lead

Join an organization that aims to improve the nation. Here are some…

Young Indians

Individuals under the age of 40 plan & execute projects that help in Nation building.

Bhumi NGO

Students & individuals under the age of 30 transform the lives of underprivileged children.


Donate to a noble cause and facilitate the impact. Here are some …

National Defence Fund

Contribute for the welfare of members of Indian Armed Forces.


Contribute and help the Nation to deal with any kind of emergency or distress situation.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation

Contribute to the World’s largest NGO-run mid-day meal serving lunch for school children.


Take part in online portals that build the eco-system.

Solve for Bharat

Ideate to solve a few National problems – both trivial and serious ones!

Bharat Poll

Hop in and take our Poll to express how you can contribute to the Nation.

Bharat Bytes

Read & Share story bytes of inspiring people, activities and heritage of Bharat.

Have you done your bit?

If YES, Congratulations! Let’s build a better Nation for tomorrow with a collective effort from each one of us!

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A Quick Overview

Why this?

C’mon people! Let’s be prepared to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence in a couple of years! Born in Bharat is an online initiative to facilitate every Indian to actively participate in Nation building. Our philosophy is simple – “Empower Individuals to build an Empowered Nation”.

But how?

Don’t you think that when right pride, growth, and vision are instilled in every citizen, the outcome is a developed Nation? Give us a high-five if you think likewise. We believe that a Nation’s prosperity is the collective prosperity of its people. So, the onus is on all of us.

The Details

In this #DoYourBit campaign, there are 3 suggested ways to create an immediate impact. First is to join a social organization and lead from the front in executing projects related to Nation building. Some suggestions include Young Indians (Yi) and Bhumi NGO. This of course demands substantial time and effort for participation.

The second suggested means to create an impact is to contribute generously to organizations that help in creating a better Nation. Some suggestions include National Defence Fund (NDF), PM CARES Fund, and Akshaya Patra.

Finally, people are encouraged to participate in online forums to constructively help Bharat to grow further. They include Ideation to solve National problems, Bharat Poll, and ‘Bharat Bytes’ portal. These portals live only online and are accessible to all.