“Upskill Bharat” operates under the umbrella of Born in Bharat. This is an effort to help the youth of Bharat upskill and unlock new career opportunities.

This is one campaign that is run across the Nation, where several trainers, professionals, and education brands join hands to help people upskill.

If you deal with training products or services that help people to learn new skills, then we can partner up in this campaign.

Get Started

The Campaign

  • Duration: 1 Year Minimum
  • Partnership Cost: None

In Association with

The Process

  1. You decide on a micro-course topic to offer for the youth of Bharat. It can be an introductory topic of your mainstream course if applicable.
  2. This micro-course shall be short enough that students can complete in a single weekend, and yet can provide a basic understanding of the subject.
  3. You contribute content, and we shall create an online micro-course using our LMS tools.
  4. We shall give you a preview of the final micro-course once we create it.
  5. We shall publish details of your company in the miro-course page. Students can visit your website to learn more about you and enroll in your mainstream courses.

Your Benefits in partnering with us

Brand Visibility

Get brand visibility among a new audience across the nation – reaching 1,00,000+ people.

Brand Positioning

Join together for a common cause called “Nation Building”. This could be among your CSR activities to upskill the youth of the nation.

Digital Growth

Build a trusted community around your brand, and grow digitally with strong back-links to your website.

Our Commitment to you

  • We shall profile your company on our website and give optimal visibility to your contributions.
  • We shall design an online micro-course on LMS platform using the initial content that you give us.
  • In the micro-course page, we shall provide a link to your website with a call-to-action of your choice.

Your Commitment to us

  • Contribute content for an online micro-course that helps in the campaign’s mission.
  • Promote the micro-course in your official marketing channels – online & offline.
  • There are no financial implications for you.

Quick Overview – Born in Bharat

Why this?

C’mon people! Let’s be prepared to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence in a couple of years! Born in Bharat is an online initiative to facilitate every Indian to actively participate in Nation building. Our philosophy is simple – “Empower Individuals to build an Empowered Nation”.

But how?

Don’t you think that when right pride, growth, and vision are instilled in every citizen, the outcome is a developed Nation? Give us a high-five if you think likewise. We believe that a Nation’s prosperity is the collective prosperity of its people. So, the onus is on all of us.