Leading the Youth of our Nation to achieve Horizontal Exposure and Vertical Expertise.

The youngsters should be acquainted with any topic under the sun to explore opportunities in a wide spectrum of Industries. This, we call as “Horizontal Exposure”.

Additionally, they should also develop expertise in a specific field of interest and be a master of that domain. This, we call as “Vertical Expertise”.

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This is one campaign that is run across the Nation, where several professionals join hands to ensure a bright future for Bharat. Partner with us!

The 3 Pillars

Incubation + Internship

Employers offer 4-week online incubation for students to learn hands-on about the Industry best practices.

Weekend Workshops

Educators conduct LIVE online workshops with hands-on activity for approximately 2 – 3 hours in duration.


Experts in every domain publish their pre-recorded video masterclasses that are 30 – 60 mins in length.

Knowledge Partners

Employers, Educators and Experts become our Knowledge Partners in delivering online Incubation, Workshops and Masterclasses respectively. We at Upskill Bharat work closely with our partners to deliver value for all the stakeholders involved.

Our commitment to our Partners

– We shall feature the partner profiles on our website and give optimal visibility to their contributions.
– We shall share the fee paid by participants for the programs.

Our Partners’ commitment to us

– Contribute content for online programs in this initiative.
– Promote the programs in their official marketing channels – online & offline.

Partners who joined us recently!

How this works?

Online Weekend Incubation

There shall be 4 pre-recorded online sessions in a month, with one on each weekend. During the session, the employer trains the participants and assigns work to be done for the following week. By end of 4 weeks, the participants would have got an industry related exposure and a portfolio of work done, along with a certificate in hand.

Online Weekend Workshops

Educators and trainers conduct LIVE online workshops with hands-on activity for approximately 2 – 3 hours in duration. These workshops help students to learn standard application of knowledge by the industry in limited time.

Online Masterclasses

Experts of a domain publish their pre-recorded video masterclasses that are approx. 20 – 60 minutes in length. These sessions are developed across a range of subject areas to broaden the knowledge and understanding of the audience.

Quick Overview – Born in Bharat

Why this?

C’mon people! Let’s be prepared to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of India’s Independence in a couple of years! Born in Bharat is an online initiative to facilitate every Indian to actively participate in Nation building. Our philosophy is simple – “Empower Individuals to build an Empowered Nation”.

But how?

Don’t you think that when right pride, growth, and vision are instilled in every citizen, the outcome is a developed Nation? Give us a high-five if you think likewise. We believe that a Nation’s prosperity is the collective prosperity of its people. So, the onus is on all of us.